The Timeless Charm of Brass Jewelry - A Luxurious Showcase of Earrings Necklaces Bracelets and Rings

Brass Jewelry

Shine On: The Allure of Brass Jewelry

Damask Embossed Brass Nu Gold Marrakesh Drop Earrings

Brass jewelry has become increasingly popular in recent years. The warm, golden tones of brass complement a variety of skin tones and add a subtle glow to any outfit. From dainty brass earrings to bold brass cuffs, brass jewelry offers limitless styling potential.

A Touch of History

Brass jewelry has been crafted for centuries across many cultures. In ancient Egypt, brass was highly prized for its shining beauty. Pieces like the iconic brass snake arm cuff were popular among Egyptian royalty.

During the Victorian era, brass jewelry saw a revival. Victorian women wore brass bracelets, lockets, and rings alongside their pearls and diamonds. Brass earrings and hair combs adorned elegant updos.

 Damask Embossed Teardrop Earrings

Today, brass remains a staple in jewelry boxes around the world. Its versatility and affordability make it a democratic metal – accessible and appealing to all.

Topic Details
History of Brass Jewelry – Popular in ancient Egypt with royalty
– Revived during Victorian era, worn alongside pearls and diamonds
– Remains popular today due to versatility and affordability
Brass Earrings Popular styles:
– Hoops (huggies, chunky)
– Studs (round, shapes, funky)
– Dangles/Drops
– Chandeliers
Brass Bracelets Popular styles:
– Bangles (stacked, chunky)
– Chain link
– Cuffs (wide, sculptural)
– Charm bracelets
Brass Necklaces Popular styles:
– Pendants (interesting shapes/textures)
– Chains (delicate, chunky)
– Chokers
– Bib necklaces
Brass Rings Popular ways to stack:
– Midi rings
– Signet and pinky rings
– Knuckle and mid-finger rings
– Thumb rings
Anniversary Gifts – 21st anniversary: brass jewelry is traditional gift
– Symbolizes a polished, luminous relationship
– Ideas: engraved bangle, his/hers rings, pendant necklace

Brass Earrings: A Subtle Statement

Delicate or daring, brass earrings add effortless style to any look. Here are some of the most popular brass earring styles making a statement today:


From petite huggies to wide statement hoops, brass hoop earrings are a must-have. Wear slim hoops for a touch of shine or go big and bold with chunky hoops – either way, you can’t go wrong with this classic style.


Simple brass stud earrings are the perfect way to add subtle sparkle. Opt for timeless designs like round or square studs for everyday wear. Feeling funky? Try unique shapes like stars, hearts, or abstract studs to change things up.

Dangles and Drops

Brass dangle earrings draw the eye downward for a guiding effect. Go for shoulder-grazing statement drops or sticks that stop at the lobe. Mismatched dangles are fun for a playful feel.


Brass chandelier earrings make sure all eyes are on you. These ornate showstoppers feature layers of dangling chains, charms, and beads. Chandeliers command attention – save them for special occasions when you want to arrive in style.

No matter your personal style, there’s a brass earring out there waiting to give your look a little extra glow.

Model Sami S. of JE Model wears various Chased, Fluted, and Hammered Nu Gold Cuffs by San Francisco jewelry designer John S Brana.

Cuff Your Style: Bold Brass Bracelets

Cuffs have always been a go-to for making a fashion statement. Today, brass cuffs of all styles continue to be trendsetters. Some of the hottest brass bracelets and cuffs right now include:


Stack a set of thin brass bangles together for a delicate arm party, or make them the bold focal point by wearing a chunky brass bangle solo. Hint: the bigger the better for brass!

Chain Link

Brass chain-link bracelets have a retro yet edgy vibe. Modern designs interweave thin chained links for a drapey effect. Try layering a few chain link cuffs together in different sizes.

Nu Gold Brass Bark Cuff Bracelet


No-fuss solid brass cuffs give off an artsy, gallery-cool look. Opt for a wide sculptural shape to really make it pop. Hammered and textured finishes provide visual intrigue.


Charms make great personal accessories – add only the symbols that speak to you. Build your own brass charm bracelet with beads, repairs, zodiac signs, initials, and other mementos.

Go for a statement wrist stack by mixing and matching different brass cuffs. This eye-catching look is great for parties or nights out.

Nu Gold Hammered Chain Necklace

Necklaces: The Long and Short of It

Brass necklaces are so versatile – they can be dressed up, down, long, short, dainty or bold. Here are some neck-turning brass necklace styles:


A brass pendant necklace with a strong focal point draws the eye. Look for pendants with interesting shapes, textures, or symbols that express your personal style. Layer multiple slimmer pendants together for a clustered effect.


Thin and delicate or thick and chunky – brass chains make a minimalist statement on their own or serve as the perfect base for layering. Try mixing metals with silver or gold for contrast.


Comeback kids of the ’90s, brass choker necklaces sit snug around the base of the neck for an of-the-moment look. Contemporary chokers feature everything fromNames to graphics to chains.


Brass bib necklaces are hard to ignore. These statement showstoppers feature elaborate multi-layered pendants in attention-grabbing shapes. Bibs take any outfit from boring to bold.

The right brass necklace provides the perfect finishing touch. With so many options, you’re sure to find a style that’s your personal ideal.

3mm Nu Gold Brass Chased Band Ring

Stack Them Up: Mixing Brass Rings

Brass rings pack visual impact into small packages, making them perfect for stacking. Mixing metals and styles creates an eclectic finger stack with layered texture and color.

Here are some of the most stylish ways to stack brass rings right now:

Midi Rings

Dainty midi rings look great layered together. Try stacking a few thin brass bands in different finishes for a subtle statement. For extra dazzle, add a midi with a stone or pearl detail.

Signet & Pinky Rings

An etched or engraved brass signet ring adds meaning when stacked with other brass baubles. Pinky rings also look cool mixed into a stack. Wear one on each hand to up the eye-catching effect.

Knuckle & Mid-Finger Rings

Edgy brass knuckle and mid-finger rings amp up your stack’s attitude, especially when layered with delicate bands. Let these stand out by wearing them solo on one finger.

Thumb Rings

A textured or detailed brass thumb ring provides an unexpected finishing touch to your stack. Place it alongside some simpler brass bands to make it pop.

Go for volume by mixing skinny and wide bands, simple and detailed rings, throne and knuckle styles – the bolder the stack, the better the brass!

 Damask Embossed Brass Nu Gold Marrakesh Drop Earrings

Celebrating 21 Years Together: Brass for Anniversaries

The tradition of anniversary gifts by year provides a meaningful way to honor major milestones. For couples celebrating 21 years together, brass jewelry makes a thoughtful and personal gift.

The Significance

After 21 years, a couple’s relationship is polished, tranquil, and luminous – just like glowing brass. At this mature stage, the connection is sure and steadfast, with a warm inner glow. Brass represents the melting away of impurities to reveal the relationship’s true strength.

Meaningful Brass Gifts

Here are some 21st anniversary gift ideas that symbolize your commitment:

  • A delicate brass bangle or cuff engraved with your wedding date
  • His and hers brass rings, worn stacked together
  • A brass pendant necklace with two intertwined circles representing your eternal bond
  • A brass plaque with your names and anniversary date mounted together

No matter the piece, brass jewelry is a fitting choice to commemorate this significant milestone of togetherness. The enduring radiance of brass reflects the resilience of a lasting love.

The Allure Endures

From ancient Egypt to the Victorian era to today, brass jewelry remains beloved for its luminous beauty and versatility. The warm, golden sheen of brass flatters all skin tones. With styles ranging from refined to rustic, delicate to statement-making, brass jewelry consistently shines.

So the next time your outfit needs a little something extra, consider letting brass give you that inner glow. Brass jewelry turns the simple into standout. With its myriad styling possibilities, your signature look is only a few gleaming brass pieces away.